What was your first job?


I got a job at the printing company where my mum worked as a receptionist and was virtualy a celebrity there. The job was incredibly tedious putting CD protectors into cases. It was £5 per hour which was pretty good at the time.



My first “official” job was being a Barista at Second Cup at age 16. Right before I started my job, my dad warned me about coffee stunting my growth and so I never touched it at all. (Little did I know, the genetics from my parents really didn’t give me the option to be that tall at all. I’m 5’2)

Funny little fact: I still don’t drink coffee. I also don’t like it at all. Tea all the way.



My first job was based on my university degree. A Java Software Developer.
Saw the light and made the move.

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I had a piece-work job tying elastic onto tags for the Bodyshop through my mum but my first official job was (for the same company) pressing CD rotectors onto CD case backs.

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My first proper job was in social media management and digital marketing. Mostly around content creation. So, content calendars, creating copy for client blogs and social media accounts and campaigns. I also wrote copy for Google, Facebook, and Twitter add, as well as website copy. I had to come up with campaign ideas too.

It helped me learn SEO and keyword writing. And how to write copy of varying lengths and for various purposes.