What was the first thing you bought with your own money?


My off-topic question for this week is what was the first thing you bought with your own money?

I vividly remember mine. I bought a trick worm like this one from the $2 shop when I was 4. I was so proud of it. It broke after about 10 minutes.


If you call with your own money means when you started earning then it was Gaming Mouse some years ago.


A soft black velvet hat from Target that my mum then glued a sunflower to the front of. I wore it to school and was teased mercilessly by the other kids. The next day, my teacher showed up with a fashion magazine and he held it up in front of the class. The woman on the cover was wearing a nearly identical hat :star_struck::blush::laughing:

My first purchase after I graduated from university and started working full time was a pair of purple patent leather docs.


Yeah I thought if it as money I earned working at a real job too. What comes to mind is paying for credit card debt! Those other stories are really sweet though and I wish I could remember it.


With earned money it was probably stuff for my student life. I remember getting excited buying pans and plates from the £1 shop as for pocket money, it would have been sweets. I also remember my first magazine subscription I paid for with my own pocket money was for a science and technology magazine called Quest. I found it fascinating.