What tools would you use?


I have a friend that runs a yearly car event (drag racing and a car show). He would like me to redesign his site and I thought this would be a great opportunity to take something through the Ux process. I have had the initial kick off strategy meeting with him and defined the goals and measurement of the the goals.

The project itself has an aggressive timeline, and given that I am also the developer the research and analyze phases need to be done with some haste. I have access to a majority of the event attendees from last year through the even facebook pages.

I would love to do a card sort on the current IA that the site has but the project budget doesn’t allow for a tool like optimal workshop. My thoughts were running a online form survey to ask some questions. Also, persona would be hard, as the demographic is so varied. The only constant I could imagine for a persona would be “Automotive Enthusiast”?

Any thoughts on possible quick research tools I could use besides a survey? The project stakeholder is willing to give a some free stuff (like t-shirts) for survey responses. Thanks for the input in advance.



You could check out Intuition. They have a free plan.

We have a fairly comprehensive list of tools (paid and free) here.


Thanks Hawk. Checking it out now


Hawk, I am sending out a survey to event participants. I was wondering if you might take a quick look and let me know your feedback on the questions.
I hope to get a better sense of exactly what they use the site for now in order to identify “red routes” and to see what frustrations they have. If you don’t have time, no worries.


Looking good! A few comments (feel free to disregard any or all).
[]Question numbers might be useful
]There is an apostrophe missing in Lets get to it and lets get to it shall we? (and again further down under the Event heading)
[*]I’d reword [B]How would you rate the LXBN site for its look and feel?[/B] to
[/LIST] [B]How would you rate the LXBN site for:

  1. …its look and feel?
  2. …its ease of use?
  3. …the content that it provides?[/B]

In[B] “Of the following, what” [/B]the ‘what’ might sound better as ‘which’…

I’d throw some brackets into [B]What (if anything) frustrates you the most with the LXBN site?[/B]

I’d change [B]Is there something that you have tried to find on LXBN before and have been unable to? [/B]to “Have you ever been unable to find something that you wanted on the LXBN site?”

There is a ‘the’ missing in …[B]on what might make you come back to site?[/B]

“The event” is duplicated here (and satisfied is misspelt) [B]How satisifed are you with the event with the event coordination (racing, car show etc.) [/B]

and lastly[B] “[/B]Professional Photography of your car” - photography doesn’t need a capital P.


Hawk, thanks a ton for taking the time. Made all the changes. I am going to leave the “how would you rates” alone for now. For reporting purposes it will be easier to sort those questions in the current format. Very much appreciate the help!


Noquarter are you sure that the free plan for OptimalSort won’t suffice?

From their pricing page: [INDENT][I]With the free plan you can:[/I]
[]Run small (but big enough to be useful!) usability studies
]Try all our world leading analysis features on real projects before you buy
[]Access all your studies, even bigger studies you have done on paid plans
]Unlimited number of studies
[]No time limits
]Free card sorting: Survey 10 people with 30 cards using OptimalSort
[]Free tree testing: Survey 10 people with 3 tasks using Treejack
]Free first click tests: Survey 10 people with 3 tasks using Chalkmark