What tool do you use to record "Thinking aloud" testing



Hi Guys,

I know I came across once a tool which records what user is seeing on the screen along with his face and what he says. I need to do a “thinking aloud” test and I wanted to use a online based tool, but can’t find anything right now.

Can you recommend anything? I can give up on recording the users’ expressions but I don’t want to give up on their screens and their loud thoughts.

I’ll be more than happy if you give me some hints.



I haven’t used an online tool, but in the past I’ve used Camtasia software. It is primarily used for recording videos for screencasting, but works very well for recording screen movements, voice, and facial expressions at the same time.


Recording someone screen sharing on Skype would do this too.


You can use a majority of online video tools such as WebEx, GotoMeeting, joinme, etc. You can also check out Loop11 or UserZoom. There are lots of tools out there.


have you tried lookback? It allows recording the screen as well as users’ expressions. I found out this tool is really easy to use.


Lookback looks great! Thank you!


I’ve never recorded anyone on Skype :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t I need to install an additional software?


You can do it with Skype for Business and I think there are a few other third party products which would let you do it with normal Skype. But yes, you make a fair point. It’s not native to free Skype.


Hey @mag_sobieszuk, not sure what platform you’re working on. I’ve got a mac and I have a tool called “Parallels Toolbox” it’s like $9.99 per annum. Has all sorts of great features. I’m attaching an image of it.

Here’s a link: https://goo.gl/5u61Mm - however seems like the price has gone up a bit. Be sure to check it out. Works well for me.


Hi @mag_sobieszuk there’s a number of recording tools listed at the User Research Toolbox that might be useful. Check out the a/v recording category.


Wow, that’s cool. Thanks!!!