What side projects are you working on right now?

Doing something on the side, just because you enjoy doing it, is a great way to grow and learn new skills. I just finished up creating a class on Dark Patterns and I’m working on a presentation for UX Copenhagen in March. I’m also putting together short videos on how to answer UX interview questions.

It got me wondering - what kind of side projects is everyone else working on?


Hey, make sure to share your class here for feedback!

When I have time, I help with local UX Association work here in Czechia. For example, there’s an initiative to improve gov’t services. It’s grass–roots and slow for now. This country is just like 30 years out of soviet communism so there’s still a mountain of work in the public offices. It’s extra hard because politics tries to interfere all the time.

Other than that, there’s always some new little boutique food stand down the road, or a friend’s pet supplies e–shop, where a little bit of expertise can make a big difference.

I try to make stuff outside of design too, just to make sure I don’t burn out when it’s too much :smiley:. I try to code a little and play with hardware hacking (linux boxes, raspberry pi, aftermarket android ROMs, stuff like that). I make no money off it, but it’s fun while also giving me small–talk ammunition when talking to devs.

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The class is 16 lessons, with most around about five minutes. Hopefully it’ll be useful to someone!

I get that feeling. My job involves work for defence and intelligence agencies. Politics is always a consideration for us.

Those kind of projects are always fun!

Anything that connects you with others is a great hobby. Sounds like you have a lot going on!

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I would love to see those videos :slight_smile:
My main side project right now is to get my first digital design portfolio together. A bit more difficult than I expected!
Good luck with your projects.

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You can find the videos here - hopefully they’ll be useful to you!

Thanks, I’ll check them out! Although I was referring to the UX interview question s :slight_smile:

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Ah, got it. Sorry about that.

I only have one out so far, though I have three more in post-production. The video quality of the first one wasn’t what I wanted, and to up my game takes a little more effort. Right now, however, you can watch my first video in the series on how to answer the “Tell us about you” question.

Thanks I’ll have a look. I’ve watched your first few videos on dark design. They’re great, very thorough and thought-through. Thanks for sharing the knowledge :slight_smile:

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Of course! I’m really happy to help :slight_smile: