What sector for UX design junior



Hello all,

First of all I want to thank everyone being active on the forum, the information really helps me.

Now that I’m graduating this summer from my masters in Information Studies I want to head on to the field of UX-design.
Now my question is:

What is a good sector/company to start a UX-design Career?
What I mean here is it better to start big-company / start up
design / marketing / finance / doesn’t matter?

And than my second question, does anyone has a good website / idea how to get in contact with these businesses, because as I read jobs are often not being promoted under the name UX-design.

I live in Amsterdam
No work experience in the field

Thanks in advance for answering my question!



I would start in the design/web/mobile apps sector. Big company or start-up doesn’t matter. Junior UX positions are very hard to come by but they’re out there. Most UX jobs postings I’ve been seeing are for mid-level to senior. Good luck!


That’s awesome to hear, video game industry is super interesting good luck with that!

What I meant actually was if I can’t manage to get a UX-job as a starten what is than a good alternative to make the transition later to UX-design?


As I mentioned above. Graphic Design/Web/Mobile Apps. I’m transitioning from being a front-end web developer myself.