What role does Photoshop play in UX? *confused*


I started off using PS and AI because I was used to it from my Graphic Design days. It was much quicker for me to mock thinks up in these. The bit that forced me to switch was the unreliability and instability of PS. It’s running sooooooo slowly since late 2016 and I haven’t got a slow machine. 2015 Macbook with 16GB RAM. I just turned it off one day and said "F*ck it, I’m using something else. I started to experiment with others (Omnigraffle, Sketch, Adobe XD) and found that I was getting results in the same amount of time after a few small projects. Since then I haven’t really looked back. If anything, I just think about why I left it so long to use a better product for the job. PS is a good tool but not for wireframing and prototyping. The results that you can get in Adobe XD can be as graphical as you want and can be prototyped in minutes.

Each to their own - and I wouldn’t criticise anyone who does use PS - but personally I thing XD is much better for the job.


That’s all i want to do now, really. Learn all the basics of bitmap editing. I’ve signed up to KelbyOne. :slight_smile: Problem is, PS runs slower than my 92 year old gran.


Tom, I have the exact same Macbook and the exact same problem. PS is just wayyyyy too slow. My idea is to learn all the basics and return to it as and when it’s needed!