What questions do you have about getting a UX education?


Hey team,
Next week we’re hosting a webinar with Mads Soegaard from IDF. The topic is “A Practical Approach to a Getting UX Education”. We’ll talk about everything from degrees to bootcamps to on-the-job experience.

More info at: https://uxmastery.com/a-practical-approach-ux-education/

I’m collecting questions ahead of time to put to Mads. What UX education related questions do you have?


“Do you think we need a an accreditation system where UX becomes an accredited profession that work under a code of ethics / conduct? Like doctors, architects etc.”
“How can we avoid UX from continuing the current path of being fragmented and potentially diluted (UI/IXD/blah blah) from what it’s true purpose is.”