What positive changes is your workplace making to handle remote work and self-isolation during covid-19?

Like you, I’ve been feeling pretty anxious the last few weeks. So, being such a helpful community I thought we might share some positive actions and helpful tips or stories to keep up a sense of support and connection with each other.

What positive changes is your workplace making to handle remote work and self-isolation during covid-19?

Here’s what life has been like for me recently: The UX Mastery team already works remotely from home offices around the globe, but we’ve still had our socks knocked off like most people. As an introvert and homebody (and someone who thought I’d been in training for something like this my whole life) I surprised myself with how limited I feel and how the anxiety has resurfaced some past personal horrors, so I’ve stepped up some mindfulness meditation (using the excellent headspace.com), started doing 15 mins of HIIT exercises inside in the mornings, and taking more initiative to reach out to colleagues, friends and family on the phone or on Zoom for mutual mental health benefits.

The Design Research conference we went to last week was shifted to remote attendance only, and the organisers and speakers did a fantastic job in making that work well. I particularly appreciated @ruth 's talk!

Word around the traps is that remote research is really taking off (who’d have thought? :wink:). Lots of good tools for that. Anyone have stories to share about switching methods or approaches?

A big thing for me (and part of feeling stuck in my head a bit) has been around feeling angry with my political leaders and a bit powerless in the face of the massive humanitarian challenges still ahead, so I’ve been looking for small ways to move things forward where I can. Sharing resources with neighbours, donating to the foodbank, outsourcing some work tasks, helping an anaesthetist and GP friend create a video message about germs and covid-19 for their kids’ primary school, sharing experiences and tips with a team new to remote working (borrowing a lot from 37 Signals’ ‘Remote’ book).

What kind of supports and helpful compromises has your workplace arranged to help you juggle personal challenges and work productivity?

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