What personal rhythms and habits support success in experience design careers?

We’re running a live panel event next week to celebrate the upcoming launch of our latest ebook.

The topic of the panel discussion is the personal rhythms and habits that can support successful UX careers. We’ll be talking about some practical ways that you can ensure that you have a long, fulfilling and successful career.

Here are more details about the timing and format.

I’d love to collect some questions ahead of time so that we can deliver an excellent experience. @Experienced and @Students – what questions would you like me to put to the panel?

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Let me rephrase this.

If you could ask 3 successful and respected experience designers for advice on how they found great success, satisfaction and longevity in their careers, what would you ask?

Did you ever become bored or disillusioned with design work? If so, what did you do to rekindle your excitement and enthusiasm?

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