What makes work meaningful for you?


This month our theme is Make Meaningful Work, the inspiration for which came from Dan Szuc. Dan talks about the importance of communication, collaboration and consideration when undertaking project work.

He urges us to think about things like the emotions that are at play when working in a team, challenging assumptions and experimenting with concepts and ideas.

For me, meaningful work is about doing something that I love, and when working in a team it means making sure that I bring my unique skills to the table and employ them to the best of my ability.

What does making meaningful work mean to you?

Safety and trust in teams

As long as I am learning something new (on the topics I love) daily, enhancing my skills, making mistakes :wink: and most importantly, getting a chance to train people on skills I have acquired, work is meaningful to me :slight_smile:


Meaningful work for me means making and creating things that people, especially the target group, really appreciates. In the end a certain group of people will “use” my UX and if they are happy; then I am happy. :slight_smile:


For anyone that is interested in this topic, our last couple of articles are on theme.



Meaningful work to me is like people have said above :slight_smile: :

  • Growth in my skills as a UXer
  • Staying busy (productive busy) as I hate feeling like I’m not earning my money or being bored
  • Helping produce work that actually solves real user problems and needs
  • Feeling like in some small way I’m helping make a difference
  • Team cohesiveness and growing as a team


Work can be meaningful if it is connected to your higher set of goals in life.
Loving what you do will make working easy comparatively but it still takes effort to keep moving forward without giving up and be really good at your work.
The “Why’s” of your goals must be very clear in mind and you must have an extremely strong connection to it, so that nothing in this world can change it.
And keeping cognitive bias in mind if we have a reward, like a goal, as motivation in mind, the work we do will definitely become meaningful but the goal must be for a greater good, so large it lets you be consumed in your work, such that the need to become that person gets accomplished day by day.


Work is meaningful when you can help someone in their daily lives, when you can bring a change (positive) in people’s lives. Enjoyable work is when you love your work, people appreciate your effort and it helps you earn your bread and butter too.

Working as a UX designer gives me this satisfactory feeling that I am contributing to building products that people will love to use. Working part time as a blogger helps me in pitching the positivities of UX designing to people who aren’t aware of the stream. I love my meaningful work :wink:

@hawk: article on difference between good and great designers was a great read.