What makes a good ebook cover?


Hi, what do you make of these covers? They are supposed to be covers for PDF packages containing materials for learning English as a second language. Since I’m not a designer I’m looking for some advice and possible guideline on how to design covers that trigger sales. Many thanks, Torsten


Faces are supposed to be good for attracting attention, Adding a photo of a student might help.
I would also maybe get some asymmetry in there, they look very symmetrical and TBH a bit dull.
Just a typographic thing but I would also avoid having a single word on its own on the last line of you heading.

It’s a different audience but here’s a book I did last year. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Learn-Write-exercises-writing-confidence/dp/1984027689/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1546947593&sr=8-1&keywords=learn+to+write+reveley

I would recommend looking at other books that are similar on Amazon and also through other reference sections.


I noticed you removed “collocations” in the second book cover. Is that an error. Since it is a pdf cover it looks okay. The colors are mature.


@nnamdifairy Thanks a lot for your feedback. Since I have more than 40 different PDF packages I want each cover to be at least a bit different. The covers you see are just examples. Hope this makes sense.


@rachelreveley Hi Rachel, thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with me, I really appreciate your advice and will try to implement your suggestions.


Could they be given a strong brand across the range?


That’s a good question. If I understand you correctly you are suggesting to promote the PDFs as their own brand?


Yeah, I think it would give them credibility. It doesn’t need to be a big flashy branding exercise but a simple logo, maybe a consistent band of colour or panel. If people can see that some time has been invested into the design they will assume that the content inside has also had the same treatment.


Sorry, I just looked at your website because of another thread.

Your logo is lost at the top of the cover because it is all very similar colour, so blue on blue, green on green etc. Your site looks nice and sharp with the logo on a white background. I would start with that, maybe have a white panel across the top, bottom or down the side with the logo on it so it stands out.

I like what you have done with the graphic on this one, it is much more eye catching and clean looking.