What kind of UX-Research on a fair?

I was asked to do “some ux stuff” (Quote!) regarding our web-shop on our yearly inhouse fair where a few hundred of our customers will be present.
I currently have no idea what i could do in this environment (a loud, croudy hall).
Any suggestions?


How about something like a suggestion box? Customers fill in a card suggesting ways they think the product could be improved and get entered into a prize draw?

Here’s a couple of cards from a recent exercise we ran with customers, which generated some interesting feedback.


Do mini interviews with customers at the conference could be useful too. Say 20 minutes and just get some background and behavioral information about them.


Could be a good opportunity to educate stakeholders on what UX is. You could show the progression of initial sketches to wireframe to UI to production etc. You could also use it as a way to get some usability testing done if you have any projects with prototypes.

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