What is your UX Process as a team?

Hello fellow designers,

I’m Anmol working as UI/UX Designer in a fintech company. I wanted to take inspiration from designers all around the world regarding their UX process as a team. Below is a picture of something that we practice in our company. I’d love to hear from you guys regarding your process and take inspiration to improve our process.

Welcome to the community @Anamol_Shrestha!

There is a lot of this online, for example Spotify and Facebook have blogs about this. That may be useful…

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Hi @jdebari thank you for your time on this. I am actually looking for other UX teams’ current processes so I can compare them with ours and refine it to make it more efficient.

Hi @Anamol_Shrestha, thanks for sharing and bringing this up!

I’ve used a similar process to yours and teach client teams how to fit the Design Thinking Framework into their agile product team processes. I like the iterative nature of DT because it fits well into most agile frameworks product teams are already using while focusing on the people your solving problems for. The UK Design Council’s updated Double Diamond process is similar and has also worked well for clients.

The only major difference in steps is we’ve often brought the “Implement” or Materialize step further up as part of prototyping potentially. It really depends on how well the problem is understood from our research insights and the risk in getting feedback on development iterations vs prototype iterations. Is this a brand new solution or adding to something existing? How well will a prototype get feedback vs some MVP in code? These types of questions will determine when the implement step starts.

Our methods are similar to yours, but we leave out competitor research and spend more time on qualitative research methods across the board. Interviews, observational usability studies, they really cut the overall UX and dev time down. We might also use a design sprint (ala GV style) for the Explore steps (Solution Research + Design Solution + Tech Analysis + Feedback) for challenging/riskier problems.

The other process piece I push for is the Understand step in DT is always happening in parallel (dual-track) to feature work. Usability testing after delivery iterations, research across the company’s services to look for needed improvements, problem discovery from UX research. We usually focus on user/customer/people research during these separate tracks of work.


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Hi @montechie thanks mate, that was really helpful. I’ve come across more resources and articles while researching through things that you said. Looks like most of the people here didn’t understand my process as its a bit in-depth, here is a small picture of it :slight_smile: Cheers!

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For my own curiosity, how is your team or teams organized? Do you have a dedicated UX team that works on it’s own, or are your UX folks dispersed and embedded in the product teams, or something else? Are there dedicated UX roles? (researcher, UX engineer, UX designer, interaction designer, etc) Or more cross-functional?

For example, when I’ve worked in larger organizations (also in fintech) we usually had a UX implementation role like UX Designer/Engineer/Interaction embedded in a product team and UX researchers or UX architects in a separate team with their own backlog of work. For startups and leaner companies, the roles are more cross-functional. Product owners are expected to do research, front-end developers do UX engineering or IxD type work.

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Hi, @montechie Sorry for the delay. We don’t have a dedicated UX team right now. We are planning to include a UX researcher, but for now, we are just three UI/UX Designers. Two of my other team members are experienced ones, I’m a new one to the field. As for the UX tasks we are trying to handle it ourselves currently. We create user tracking using different tools to observe the user experience of our product. The only thing is we don’t do the user interviews right now as our end users are very high in number. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them :slight_smile:

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