What is your bucket list?

I’m at a convention at the moment, and one of the speakers just had us share our bucket lists with other folks.

So, what’s your bucket list? Here’s mine.

• Go visit my dad
• Find a community manager job
• Go on a real vacation
• Build my grandmother’s house

  • . Win the lottery would be cool, but I’d have to start buying tickets :wink:

good luck in achieving your list piper, it sounds achievable!


  • own a porsche
  • freedom to work when, how, where i want
  • emigrate to canada
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Hahaha, my list is pretty boring:

  1. Complete my internship at timbu
  2. Travel to santorini with the love of my life
  3. Own a buggatti
  4. Own houses in at least 3 continents
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This isn’t for my list, but I wanted to share this somewhere. This is my badge from the conference. (Hawk was a speaker and she did wonderfully!)

Anyway, check out what my decoration did by sliding down to cover the logo of the event owner. I didn’t do it on purpose, but I like the way it looks!

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My bucket list includes:

  • visiting more of Europe
  • finishing off the external renovations and landscaping on our house
  • take on a senior management position at my current place of employment
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  • Travel to lots of countries and places including New York, Hong Kong, Japan.
  • Renovate (or at least design and manage the work of) a large old mansion or factory building.
  • Skydive from the edge of space, I wanted to do this before that guy did it a few years ago.
  • Design a house from scratch and have it built