What is the UX mistakes to avoid in B2B website?

What are the common UX Mistakes on B2B websites and how to fix them?

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I wouldn’t say there are specific B2B UX mistakes. Check out Nelson’s 10 usability heuristics for a place to start.

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Depends on what you are thinking when you say “UX”. There’s not many differences in the approach and strategy (testing, research, hypothesis, more testing), but there may be differences in the audience specifics and challenges.

Example: What context are your UIs being used in (location, environmental, distractions)? No matter if you are B2C, B2B, Enterprise specific, Healthcare, etc, this is a question you should always ask and not make assumptions about. However, the answers may be very different. So a big mistake would be taking B2C personas and making assumptions their context is the same as Healthcare. Yes, a healthcare worker is also a consumer and used to certain conventions, but their context is radically different.

A related and common mistake I see when people go into B2B and enterprise specifically is not differentiating between a user versus a customer in your personas. In B2C, users are also the person buying the product, and choosing to use the product. In enterprise, the user is usually not the purchaser/customer and may not even want to use your product, but are “forced” by their organization.

Again, if you’re following full-spectrum UX processes which include research, there’s really no difference in approach, you’ll discover the discrepancies. If you are talking good vs bad design patterns, there’s also not many differences. However, if you are leaping straight to design solutions and applying the same solutions from B2C in B2B, there’s lots of differences and a possibility of big mistakes.