What is the Most challenging UX Design project you worked on?


Hi All,
I don’t know if this question is repeated as I’m new to this community. I want to ask about the most challenging UX design task you all have faced and how you overcome that UX challenge. It will be really helpful if there is any reference attached when answering.


Welcome! I don’t think this has been asked before – I’m curious to see what answers you get.

What is your most challenging project to date?


Im shocked, no challeges faced by anyone in this community??:disappointed: , is it so eay to make the UX for any product??:confused:

Hawk, thanks for welcome message.:slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’d have to say the project I’m working on at the moment is the most challenging. I am working on a combination of legacy code and brand new technology and have to work around the restrictions of the legacy code yet make something that is really user friendly and exciting!

Although I have worked on some really technical projects in teh past, working out configuration pages for multiple NAS systems intergrated with other storage systems, and how they cycle and back up etc etc. That was a really difficult project as I really struggled to understand the technical side of it, and if you don’t understand something it’s very difficult to design it.


Sounds really interesting. Legacy code always complicates further development.
Just out of curiosity, are you focusing on any KPIs as the goal?

I understand if its the company’s private information and can’t be disclosed. Just wanted to know from a UX perspective.


Thank you for the response, but I think this was part of coding standards, what about UX?


No official KPI’s for myself personally. The software is sold to schools and allows parents to pay for things online. Obviously the more we sell the better and the less support queries that come in the better too!

This is not part of the coding standards. I use the term legacy code as I am working around some old pages and this affects what I can and can’t do to make it user friendly. For example on one of our pages I wanted to implement a select drop down which dynamically affected part of the page, but due the technology in use on this page there needed to be a submit button, which made the process much longer-winded for the user. I then had to redesign the page without the select drop down.

Why is it you’re asking?


Thanks for the clarification @jacquidow, I was never came across the word “legacy code” related to UX, so asked it. :thumbsup: