What is the best way to study UX?



i used to study visual communication . so have some knowledge idea on graphic design. so i made some logo before(but is not on the app).
then i move to web tech so i know some basic html css and JavasCRIPT or jQuery. but is quite difficult for me to dig into this area…so i wanna back to the design…
i have no idea how to study. to learn the ui first or what?

what do you recommend the books or online tutorial?
thx !


Hi there,
Happy to help!
Have a read of this topic first – it covers off a lot of the basics. If you have more questions after that, ask away! :slight_smile:


hi thx for the reply.
just wanna ask that’s so many online course.
which one u recommend .



Do you have a budget, or are you looking for free courses?


free is better:wink:~~~
but paid course is fine. just not too much:grin:
and the tool like ps and AI . i learned that during the graphic design.
and is that possible to get a job when self-study?


Ah, so you want to learn visual design, rather than specific UX stuff?


o no
I mean i can skip the tool parts…

Yes just focus on the ux stuff


Ok, this is what you need.

Courses, prices, ratings and reviews (if we’ve taken the courses ourselves).


Hey, Hawk… how do I add reviews of these courses?


They go up as content on our blog. If you’re interested in formally writing one up, I can put you in touch with our editor @natassja who can give you more info. Let me know if you want an introduction. :slight_smile:


thanks HAWK… that was particularly useful. I was looking for something to enhance my skills.


hi thx for the list
but one more question?
how can i find some project for the portfolio?
to find some no user friendly website to redesign it or what?


Have a read of these topics, they cover this in some detail:


thx for all of that.
but can i ask some place for the volunteer.
As i saw some people put this into their portfolio