What is something you want to do in the next year that you've never done before?


I am a very amateur house DJ and I’d love to play my first public set. I have a way to go to build up my confidence but I’m aiming for next year.


I want to sit on a plane next year which I have never done it before. As a UX/UI Designer, I create experiences for the target audience but I myself want to experience everything too.
I also want to travel abroad to europe.


and I would like to join your play :slight_smile:


now we want to enjoy your Mixcloud page!


I think I’ll be able to finish my associates degree at the end of the coming semester. It only depends on whether I can register for all the classes I need.

Next step is Texas State for a bachelor.


That is cool. I am in a similar situation, learning to DJ (when I can find the time to practice). Do you use vinyl or digital? What sort of house do you play… I will check out the mixcloud link!


Digital. Serato and Spotify.

I don’t actually have a mixcloud page just yet.


Cool. Serato here too. What sort of controller do you have?

I wonder how many other UXers are into this kind of thing…it sort of fts the mould, I am interested in how the physical midi controller is able to operate the mixing software which in turn connects to the internet to play the music…