What if the project is almost done?


in my past projects I designed normal webpages.

Now I`m at a customer, who has a web app for a authority where they can create cases, protocolls, staffing and the other colleagues can interact aswell. That web app is now kind of old and needed to be recreated. Now the web app is about 90% finished and the customer thought “we need a UX / UI designer”.

The customer is kind of new of these things: they are using scrum, right now tryning to perform some manuelle test and in a couple weeks automated test with a bit of luck. :smiley:

These are my current steps:

This week:

  • Getting to know the old app and the new app

Next week:

  • Still lerning to use the app
  • Talking to the developers, what new system / framework is used
    • What helpful thinks could I ask as well?
  • Creating a moodboard with some nice form, table and app layouts


  • UX audit? (what I think could work and what could not work with the user)
    • Give solution for problems in the audit?

What could be some concrete next steps? I have 3 month for this project.

Thanks in advance.

start with research. find out why is the change being done, for who and what is to be achieved.

then do heuristic analysis. it’s probably gonna unearth hundreds of issues.

next get yourself more money and people :grinning:

no but seriously, try to clearly define the scope of the project, help them finish it as best as your can. and then fight for increasing ux maturity in the organisation.