What happens after wireframes?


Hi, I’m new to UX. I’m just doing an experimental app and made 20 frames. It’s for IOS phones. I have finished all the graphics. Not sure what happens next? I don’t know how to code. I know some basic HTML and that’s it. I’m doing this because l want to see if l can make an app to solve some problems for my work colleagues, just an App hobbyist. Just wondering, after wireframe, how do you test it? What applications do you use? What are the list of information do you give to the developers in the real world if you want the app to be downloaded on IOS and Andriod? Thanks!


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Generally some form of prototyping comes next.
This resource might help you understand the process better.


Hey @janexlc,

As usual, great advice from @HAWK to read through a typical UX process.

I’ll elaborate on my process right here:

  • Typically after wire framing, I would stick up my versions and variations onto my UX Wall,
  • At this point, it’s great to involve team and stakeholders to go through the process as you’ve specced it out (This is usually great to gather additional requirements and things you’ve missed),
  • It’s important for the team / key stakeholders to be happy with a specific process and approach,
  • At this pont, I’d add some stickies to that specific chosen version/variation as there are usually small tweaks and changes to be made,
  • Then iteratively, I’ll improve on that specific version and have the team relook it until we’re happy and confident that it will solve the problem

At this point, as @HAWK mentioned in the UX process, where you will go High Fidelity. Doing your prototype and preparing the assets for handover (as you probably won’t do the implementation yourself).

This is a little more in depth but it works quite well for me. Also have a look at my take on a UX Wall that I’ve implemented

I hope this helps you! :slight_smile:


Thanks Brendin! That sounds like a good strategy! I did my wireframe in Illustrator and a simple prototype in XD to test the buttons, images and structure. Just wondering, what types of test questions do you use for a prototype? It’s also where l started thinking about making it into a real app, like how to publish an app on iOS etc but not up to there yet, long way to go, making a wall is a great tip! There’s really no end to this isn’t it?


You’ll definitely want to do Usability Testing on the wireframed prototype. Try to do it with at least 5 people. If your coworkers are your target audience they would be good to test with. After that and iterating on the wireframes you would do hi-fidelity visual design and do some more Usability Testing with a different set of 5 people.

There are some platforms online that let you make apps using your designs. The ones I have seen aren’t the best quality though. Best best is to hire a Developer and work with them.


Cool thanks! I’m just doing this for fun, I don’t have money to hire anyone hahaha, I’m going to check out Appery and the other app building tools.


I get different answers for this one, I thought the same as you did in terms of testing the wireframes. Someone else said to test the UI mocks since users will relate to it more and not understand a wireframe.


Hi @ralphc_nyc,

If you test that late it requires more work to change the design. Also, when users see high fidelity mockups in testing they may be less likely to give you honest feedback, thinking it is too late in the process.
Usability Testing wireframes is a best practice in UX Design. You do, of course, explain to the user what a wireframe represents. Users are more likely to give you actionable feedback this way.

Hope that helps!