What font size for big data tables

Hi Guys,

Our default font in the system is Open Sans 13pt, but right now I’m in the process of designing something that resembles table of data. It’s gonna have rows and columns (though not visually marked, I mean, no borders for columns). I used Open Sans 11pt for the elements that are somehow graphically represented. For example, there is a progress bar and percents above it are written in OS 11pt, as well as the number of jobs which sits next to an icon is 11pt, whereas titles of the jobs in Column on the left are in 13pt.

I did this to better visually represent the percentages, the jobs, etc…

However, a question now arises if it’s a good solution.

What font do you usually use in big data tables, tables, pages heavy in content, but where there are graphical elements?

Do you know any articles/books that touch upon that subject?

I’ll appreciate your help.


Typography is tricky. May I ask what type of project this is? It makes a difference if you’re doing something online, whether it’s interactive, or if it’s meant to be printed.

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it’s not just the font size, you will also need to consider padding, margin, line-height etc. These all affect overall readability.

As a guide, maybe look at how someone like google tackles this in gmail?