What essential tools are free/good value?

Ok so as somebody who is use to running any project management methodology, I most like a hybrid of RAD and Waterfall, you can push out chunks as fast as Agile, there is i no need for learning new FUNK/RED TAPE.

So if I want to start picking up work, free, paid, whatever. Whats your essentials?

Firstly I firmly believe in the SDLC so for me I need a writer, open office for my contracts and for spreedsheets to keep my BA req #s to Sys Des Doc #s to my Sys Testing and if all green lights my UAT use cases taken from my reqs and matching the #s etc.

  1. OpenOffice for my contract form,

Secondly for my UI process I like to use Balsamiq, sadly its not free, but I like the cartoony look as its clear this is not what your web page is.

  1. Balsamiq

Now when it comes to development, my skills are rusty, but whats a good WYSIWYG?


4, Post production testing my BRDs match up to SAD #s all kept in a spreedsheet in Open Office

5 And for sign off Open Office standard agreement form.

Havnt finished this, just fleshing it out over the next few days as I get my brain working again.

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I’ll keep this UX specific

  • For diagramming, draw.io or google drawings are ok free tools that can do the job. I use Omnigraffle as my agency pays for it.
  • For wireframes/higher fidelity mockups, I use Sketch. It’s great value! I bought it for home use too as it’s cheap.
  • For simple prototyping, I use Invision. Not sure of the pricing on this
  • For interaction design, I use Flinto. Not free, but not too expensive for what you get

If you want to factor in development also, I use Sublime text editor, which is free.

Testing, contracts and stuff are done by other people, no?


Cheers for your tools. I use to use Sublime too. Memories…

In my experience everything is done by me, including project management. Thats why I dont consider UX design a “Career” but more a function of what has existed for years in software development with good business analysts, its a function, not a single job. But hey whatever floats peoples boats. Soon we will have Gant chart specialists because its a refined skill and we can expect Project Managers to do it ;-p

If you were to search for a job, what job title would you be searching for?

Have you browsed the job boards in your area? Have a look at the roles and responsibilities that are required for UX jobs and you’ll know what skills to focus on.

If you want immediate actionable feedback, I’d even say upload your cv as soon as you can and start talking to some recruiters. They have the best gauge of what employers are looking for.

They are part of software development, you cant build software without them, even agile uses a different terminology for the, UX design is not a career its part of software build. How else to you manage a project without methodology. What is your experience in large corporation Enterprise development?

I incorporate UX design in my BRDs so they can then be handed the system test team, which is a specialist job. Does the UX meet the business case and requirements,

Im not coming at this from, building a web page from an internet brief, thats not system development, that just web design which incorporates UX design. As per BCS UX Design certification.

Where Im coming from is BCS Prince 2 or PMI, used by most large organisations as its well used and proven itself over the years,