What Does a UX Process Look Like?


The details of the UX process that you follow will depend on a number of factors: the project, the client, the budget, the deadlines, and your experience level. There are a range of tools and techniques that you can choose from, and learning when and how to use them is the key to becoming a great UX designer.

In overview, every UX process should consist of strategy, research, analysis, design and production.

Matt explains these stages in more details in this article about UX Process.


I’ve just added a diagram to that article. Hopefully people find it useful! Lots of people have attempted to create a definitive diagram of the UX process in the past, and I’m not suggesting ours is better or worse; just that this is what Luke and I have found works well for us.


i have recently posted an article about my ux design process in following article called My UX design process in 8 steps. Feel free to follow, comment or improve it.


One quote from the book that struck a chord for me was “It turns out that regular user feedback is at the heart of all of these approaches to product development.”



I tend to think its a bit light on in the development phases of production AND testing. its just rewording agile business analyst work imo. but im sure there is a 1200 page manual to flesh out this process :slight_smile: