What do you want to know about content strategy?


Hey all, content strategist here.

I’m looking at putting together an online course in content strategy.

What are some things you’d like to know?



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Great, thank you!


This is a fantastic idea! I finished a UX bootcamp, but my background is actually broadcast television and writing… I’d love to learn how to use a combo of UX design, content creation and content strategy. I know nothing about SEO, so would love info on the basics of it, and then maybe some more indepth classes. I like short learning experiences, and prefer to learn something quickly, then try to use it in exercises… Chris


Thanks Chris! This is super helpful input!

BTW, I did create a free email course that people can take to get started with UX-flavored CS right away. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think: http://prosekiln.com/courses/become-a-content-strategist/

Thanks a bunch!!


thank you! I’ll check it out!


Ah I’d be really keen on this - Content Strategist is my current job title but I do a lot of different jobs within it, and for a really small team. I’m intrigued as to how what I’m doing now would translate into a bigger team.


Thank you! Yes, I think Content Strategy is a pretty big umbrella, and can mean a lot of different things. Usually it seems to depend on the organization!