What do you use as your source of truth - wires or user stories?

Hi guys - curious what you use as source of truth. Wires or user stories? MUST they always match (and I mean over time long after the site is deployed and text changes happen over time to the site - do you keep your wires updated to match?)

Definitely not. There can (and will be) major changes over time. Wires and any prototypes should be single use. You can always recycle parts of them later.
If you’re working on UI that doesn’t change much, it’s easier to just start every new prototype with revision against currently live version.

Text is whole another beast. It’s managed by a specialised tool and also only prototyped in wires. Finally text lives in a database, not in prototypes.

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Thanks. I have a project where the business is insistent on just continuing to update really REALLY ancient wires they dug up from somewhere everytime they want to make even a minor change. I haven’t ever had that request before but it seemed a little bit strange. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t wrong before addressing this - somehow.

I agree, keeping wireframes up to date just makes more work for yourself. I would just update the next time you need to work on a page.

As for user stories over wireframes as a source of truth, my ideal journey is:

  1. Create user stories
  2. Create wireframes based on each story
  3. Update the stories as you create the wireframes
  4. Test the stories against the prototypes.

Our devs use the user stories to provide structure to their PBIs but it is the wireframes they bae their work on.

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