What do you think is the best research method for a new website/app?


What do you think is the best research method when creating a new website or app?


It depends on what you are trying to find out and what resources you have. I don’t think there is a ‘one size fits all’ answer here.


What if its a personal project and not a “real” one? Resources wont be an issue then to an extent. Lets say for example if I want to make a shopping app, then I would need to think of what I want to find out regarding this topic?


I would say that you’re going about it backwards.

Are you designing a shopping app because you know there is a need for one that isn’t already being filled? Or because people have a problem that they need to solve?


I am thinking about potential topic ideas for personal projects. Then once I pick a topic I would do research (generative makes sense?) to see if I can find a problem around that topic.


Short answer: none.

The ‘best’ method for anything in UX is usually the one that best suits the problem you are solving. Be it a business problem, user problem or something else all together.


“What do you think is the best research method when creating a new website or app?”

All of them


^^^ except focus groups


What if there is no problem? For example I am thinking about ideas for personal projects and I want to find a problem so that I can create a project.


Well, it’s a bit of a chicken/egg situation then right?
If you are just doing some personal/practice projects there are many ways to find inspiration.
Firstly, what about your most used apps/websites? Can you find issues with them that you could potentially research and fix?
But what I think you are looking for are challenges out there taht help people starting out - I like to recommend a few:
https://bitesizeux.com/ is an awesome site where they ahve small UX type projects you could take up
https://designercize.com/ is literally exercise for design problems where you can even choose levels of difficulty .
There’s not set way of doing anything in design - you could even just pull a bunch of words out of a hat and make a project out of it.
Hope that helps.


For the most used apps/websites, I should be finding things that I think could be an issue but then research and test with others to see if they also have the same issue? Just want to make sure I understood that correctly.

Thanks for the ideas. What about if I wanted to create something from scratch and not existing?


Yes that’s one way of doing it. You could even read reviews about said app/website and use that as a base

Then the two links I sent are good for that.


ok cool. When is generative research best used? Isn’t that also a good way to get ideas for a product?


Also, check out briefbox.me and RookieUp. They have briefs you can use for personal projects.

Generative research is used to find a problem to solve. Observe people around you and see what they struggle with. For example, we have electric bikes here in San Francisco, and the battery meters aren’t always indicating the battery is charged. How can that be solved?

Hope that helps!


@jdebari I had no idea such sites existed. Thank you!