What do you think about this design.?

Does this looks good.? Does it look finished.?

Any suggestions are welcome.!! :blush:

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Looks alright, although a little average.

If you want to, you could work more on your calls–to–action. They’re a bit too tame.
It isn’t clear if there’s a way to order anything from the site, or you have to order in a different way.
The pictures look very stocky, consider taking some real ones that don’t look overtly photoshopped. Get inspired on review sites for the business where people share their photos.

Have you tested this with any real users?

Also consider sharing the concept so it’s easier to view realistically. You can just paste the image in figma.com and set a frame around it so it’s scrollable, then send a link. Bonus is that the link is always up to date.


It is hard to read the text and understand the overall experience.
Definitely I’m not a fan of such cliche phrases like “we are everywhere”.
How this is even possible?
Are you in Latvia? Are you in Poland and how about Bulgaria?

Woah.! Thanks for the blunt comment @Laima_Vai :smiley:
My bad, i should have attached a XD link.
Phrases - I was not sure about the content. So just randomly framed some.

What could be done to make this design better.? Other than font & Content.

Thanks for the comment @mr_dugi

Yes, i so badly want to cross that “lil average” barrier and want to achieve to visually appealing designing skills.

Dont know what I am missing to make it perfect, neat & clean.

As far the comments are concerned, i need to work on:

  • Font
  • Images
    ----- How do i will get to know that this is the right font for my design.? Any inputs on this ?

Also, Call-to-action buttons, that looks perfect in some other design, i like it and include it and it looks bad in my design.
------ How do i get to know what works and what doesnt work for my design?

cross lil’ average

well, what does your professional competition do to be better? they do more research and test more options, until they find the right one that gets them conversions. this may be harder to do on small budgets, but you should definitely do research. one can achieve a lot from the desk if they know where to look and how to test.

fonts, images

this can be hard but usually comes with experience. depends a lot on your audience, but my personal guess is that people value authenticity and craft in bakeries. so try to make it more unique. go wild, make multiple prototypes and show it to some random people (or better yet, real customers) and find out what they like.
if you really struggle here, you may need to do some deep dive interviews with current customers of your client (and their competition). ask them what they like, find out their preferences for visuals and tone of voice, for a bakery they like.

call–to–action buttons

nah, don’t be tough on yourself :slight_smile:

as I said above, you need to find out how the customers expect to be talked to. define the tone of voice of your client.
find out if they like more something like

  • “order now for 20% discount”,
  • or “order to bite in today :tooth::croissant:
  • or “orders from $10”
  • or whatever you come up with.

there are many ways to test this.
one of them is usability testing, that you should definitely do. get a person, have them make an order and listen to what they say.
another is A/B testing. you have 2 versions of whatever element you want to test (CTA in this case), and just check which one gets you more conversions. keep that one and throw the other one out.

if you aren’t sure about some of the methods I mentioned, search here https://www.nngroup.com/ this agency’s website has answers, guides and videos on how to do everything I mentioned.

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Wonderful.! Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Will make a note and will defivetly inculcate in my next project.

Btw, this is just my own concept of design. I am a budding UI/UX designer. Long way to go…

Thanks once again!