What company expects from UX Designers?

Hi, I work as a designer at Cisco currently. In the past I had worked for juniper and several other companies. I must admit, in each Job change I learn something new and experience better benefits.

But when I look back on my career, i Still have this open questions in my mind

  1. Who would value the importance of design?
  2. What do the business actually looking for from a designed

…especially in the enterprise segment, I feel a lot of difference between what a designer has to offer and the company’s expectation from them. Ultimately business drives the product, I believe designed success is product success in all aspects.

I’m sure, somebody must have passed through the similar dogma. Any help with guidelines would be helpful.

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I think it depends on the business and their general UX strategy. Some might look for someone who is able to implement core business design language while making sure to create better products, some might just need someone who keeps the UI intact and easy to implement for the devs.

My position is still unclear, but I was mainly hired to bring in new ideas and help building up an UX department. That way, I need to ensure that our users are satisfied with my ideas.

  1. Who would value the importance of design?
    The product owners who see that my designs lead to better usability and more unique experiences. That’s something I can put into quantified data, I hope.
  2. What do the business actually looking for from a designed
    Just as I said, I am here for creative ideas and making things more usable.

All in all, you have made me think about that for the first time, interesting question to consider.


Reaily very intresting question. We have lot’s of question in our mind according to our jobs experiance and nature. But we ignor thos small question or we avoid himself from thes question because we don’t have ansure of those question. We don’t try to explore and discusses the question with other buddies

I have done this before for my web design UAE

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as every company has different expectations for its UX designers. However, there are some general things that furniture stores typically expect from UX designers.

First and foremost, for example, your company is in B2C and you sell furniture but they have specific offerings like mid-century, scandinavian, vintage, royal and more. Expect UX designers to have a strong understanding of human behavior in terms of seeing these products visually and be able to apply that knowledge to design solutions that meet user needs.

In B2B it’s different, you have to identify from the first solution page to the contact page the right appeal. Or they need to be able to understand the specific pain points of a business and its customers, and design solutions that address those pain points in a user-friendly way.

That’s why it’s a must for UX designers to be good communicators and team players, as they will often be working closely with other members of the department’s team, such as salespeople, managers, and product developers.

User experience (UX) designers are responsible for creating designs that are both functional and appealing to users. They work closely with other team members, such as developers and marketing professionals, to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the user while also being visually appealing.

The most important thing that companies expect from UX designers is that they are able to create designs that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

In order to do this, UX designers must have a strong understanding of user interface (UI) design principles and be able to create prototypes that can be used to test various design concepts. Additionally, UX designers must be able to effectively communicate their ideas to other team members and be open to feedback in order to create the best possible design.

When it comes to the business or startup, every business owner looks for the best ui/ux design services because it is the single time long term investment. I am working at origami studios and they have the best frontend services & ui/ux design services team. Their every B2B client is 100% satisfied with their services.

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Typically, they are employed by software firms. You don’t need to know how to code; developers usually handle it since it’s a different discipline. User research, data points, user flows, and trip maps are the main concerns of a user experience designer. Eventually, you may also be creating the user interface. User interface designers, the people in charge of making the button or the app’s appearance and feel, are occasionally given the task of doing that. The size of the IT business you work for is a major factor. Doing everything yourself is common in startups.