What can/should I do now?


Hello, I just started getting into UX this past December and through reading a lot on the internet I was able to pull together a portfolio via creating personal projects such as designing my own app, redesigning a product that already exists, and attending a hackathon. Somehow I managed to get a summer internship, but I know that I still have a lot of work to do especially to prepare myself for applying to full-time positions. I’ve been taking UX courses and am trying to read up on the topic as much as possible, but I’m unsure as to what my next steps should be. Should I return to my personal projects and work on improving them? Should I make a new project? Should I attempt freelancing (not sure if I even have enough experience to be hired by anyone)? Should I make my own website rather than using Adobe Portfolio? I’m open to any advice and feel free to comment on my portfolio! I know it’s very amateur at the moment and needs a lot of clean up. Here is the link: https://aboyer.myportfolio.com. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


Hey Ana,
Great to hear from you.

Congrats on the internship, that’s exciting. When does that start?

Re your portfolio:
Your case studies are very well documented, well done. I especially like the ‘Looking back’ section. I do think this would benefit greatly from a general overhaul/redesign to make it look a bit more slick and professional. You also need to reconsider the contrast of your light grey text on white. I’d also remove the graphic design section – it doesn’t add anything to your UX portfolio and looks a bit like it is there to add another menu item.

I wouldn’t start anything too huge until your internship starts and you know what that workload will look like. Having more projects for your portfolio is always useful (as is the experience you get while doing them, obviously) so I’d prioritise cleaning up your design and then adding another project.

Does that help?


Hi! Thank you for your input Hawk :smile:. Since I created my portfolio using Adobe Portfolio it may be a difficult to customize to a certain extent. Therefore, do you think I should try to create a website instead?


I would, yes. This looks like an interesting option: https://www.uxfol.io/
(I haven’t used it before, just heard about it on Twitter.)