What are your top tips?

We’re going through a pretty major overhaul of all our “stuff” here at UXM. That includes the forums! It’s been a while since I’ve audited our popular topics and on-boarding links.

When people first visit us here, the majority are new to UX and want some direction. We currently send them here. Is there anything you think we need to change up there? Any deprecated info or important stuff missing?

What would be your #1 tip for new UXers? Or if you’re brand new yourself, what is your most burning question?

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I like this! I’ll have a think and come back to it. I’m also curious to hear what the people who’ve actually used it think!

My #1 tip for new UXers is: Do some reading and high level internet research into UX on your own first, come up with a list of specific questions, ask people your questions and then rinse and repeat!

It’s not that I don’t like answering open and broad questions, I just feel that it’s better for your learning process to be continually building upon your understanding via multiple sources and balancing reading based learning with talking to others - you need both! This is something I had to learn too. I used to just ask random questions of people when I was learning something new and it didn’t always help me build the whole picture. I need the whole picture to find the adjacent pictures. If that makes any sense? You’ll be doing this for the rest of your career too - it’s a good habit to get into early :slight_smile: