What are your favourite tools for wireframing or prototyping?



I’ve used a bunch of prototyping tools including Axure, Mockplus, Uxpin, Balsamiq and more. I’m apparently just never happy, no matter the tool. And so I keep trying. And trying.

What are your favourite tools for prototyping, and why?


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I’m sure you will find a lot of interesting inputs here: http://community.uxmastery.com/search?q=tools


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This topic lists a few prototyping tools, and this article is helpful too.

If you find something that works for you, check back in and let us know. It’ll help the next person on the same quest!


We use Axure for both wireframing and prototyping. The reason being that if you use it to wireframe, you can take those wireframes and add functionality as you iterate- adding interactions, fidelity, and anything else, as needed. No need to re-create anything. I also love the ability for multiple designers to work on the same project at the same time, and the sharing service where you can provide links to your boss and other stakeholders.

It’s not perfect. It irks me that you can’t really design responsively, and sometimes the community-project feature is a bit buggy (We always save a local backup, just in case). Also they just went to a subscription model for the newest version. We’re working with 7, so perhaps they improved things in the newest version.

I am dubious of the new subscription model for Axure. On the surface it makes sense, but maybe not in context. It used to be you could get the basic program for a flat $120. Now they’ve split it into several different pricing schemes. The cheapest, for an individual, is $28 a month. Perhaps not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I have to wonder if people will pay that monthly fee when they could get Adobe’s upcoming UX software lumped in with their Creative Cloud subscription.


Hey Anne,

Are there specific reasons why you’re not happy with those particular tools? What would you like them to do?



Where did you read about this? I have been axure for the past 18 months and have heard nothing about subscription pricing?

Also, has anyone had any experience using this software? Worth a try?


I didn’t find out about the Axure change until I visited their website. I was trying to remember the price for a colleague and it was quite a shock. As for the Adobe software, I have not. However, apparently they had an open beta available for Mac users to try out. I don’t know if that is still ongoing, but it might be worth checking out if you have a mac.


I’m afraid I have to use PC at work :worried: so can’t test it until they do the full release.

I have checked on the Axure site and it looks like you can choose either subscription or a single price dependant on your needs? Maybe I misread it though?


I interpreted that as an annual fee, but looking at it again I think you’re probably right. It’s way more expensive than it used to be, but perhaps the new version has more functionality.

Actually, it looks like anyone who has 7 can download 8 for free. I’ll have to try that and see if it’s true.


I can confirm that if you have previosuly paid for 7 the upgrade to 8 is free as I have already done this.


From Adobe XD preview, it shows that it can be the best tool for both wireframing and prototyping “specially using the prototype as initial design as a part of the implementation process”, but we still wait for it.
now I think Axure is a good acceptable tool