What are you working on this week?


I think it might be quite valuable for people trying to break into UX to hear what more experienced practitioners do on a daily or weekly basis.

So… what are you working on this week?


This week I have a lot of internal work going on. :slight_smile: Keep in mind I’m a content strategist, not a UX designer:

  • Prepare a case study for our internal org (read: the entire company) to let them know how content strategy benefitted a particular project and client. (Educating internal stakeholders is a huge part of content strategy.)

  • Help our marketing team by editing a case study for our website.

  • Write and edit release notes for our clients’ apps.

  • Talk to a project manager about creating a push notification strategy for a client.

Sometimes I also help our clients with content modeling, workflow mapping, and copywriting. I also help our user research team by editing user surveys, and providing assistance in various other ways (running card sorts, proofing emails, etc).


I am working on a few things:

  1. Deep competitive intelligence research, understanding our competition’s strengths and storing the competitive intelligence in a format that is easily maintained and watched.

  2. Writing user stories and high-level needs for the concept that I tested last week. I will then chat with our Product Designer to make higher fidelity mockups to usability test to finalize the concept.

  3. My company is having a Hackathon Thurs-Friday, so will be supporting that.


Updating my portfolio, finished my assignment at KLM today :).

Also making UI designs for another client of mine, trying to get the authentication process of a financial app sorted


In no particular order:

  • Remote UX testing of the model balancing aspect of our stock trading system.
  • Designing new reports for our clients to use for internal record and audit purposes, but also for presentation to their clients.
  • Doing some internal testing on the redesign of our site’s navigation.
  • Pinning down my next topic to write about.


I’m on maternity leave navigating the world of newborns :slight_smile: But in the spare (!?!) moments:

  • I’m prepping for return to my design research job
  • reading articles about user research (here’s one about why we don’t use focus groups or surveys)
  • thinking about a capability building program on how to build a user research capability within and across organisations
  • being excited about going to UX Australia.


Sorry for the late answer, my week starts today due to national holiday here in CH!

I’m up to several topics:

  1. organizing a qualitative test to check the pixel perfect design for a web app
  2. supporting one of our DEV team in solving an issue with a component (we have a customer using drop-downs to load massive lists of items. They’re hardened criminals!)
  3. helping my colleague to run internal workshops to share the best approaches to develop personas
  4. supporting the new head of product in getting more familiar with the UX strategy we work with


I am currently on leave, but here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Practicing my talk for UX Australia next week (exciting!!)
  • Writing a talk that I’m giving next month on helping people with disabilities succeed in the workplace
  • Working on a new UX Agony Aunt article


I am a little too late so will continue with what I have finished over this week.

  • Worked on a remote testing project of a hospital website and got really good insights from actual users.
  • Conducted discovery workshop with the leadership team of an IT startup and done analysis and brainstorming of the results, which are way too different from the assumptions we had in the beginning. Will be continuing that over the next week as well.
  • Shared my opinions with the content strategist about an article on how UX designers will play a crucial role in designing artificial intelligence systems (that sounds like a perfect topic to gain insights from the members of UX Mastery community.)

  • Finalising the login process and checkout process for an eCommerce site for doctors to order sample packs of medication and contact pharma reps using Photoshop and Invision
    • analysing the needs of a pharma company in the Middle East and altering an Australian site to suit those needs


Tell us when you’ve posted the article!


Are you coming back to UXNZ this year?


I am :slight_smile:

I’m going to be back at my booth again this year! You?


Yay! Yup, Luke and I are both going.


Will do! It could be awhile though- conference season has reached my corner of the globe :grinning:


YAY!!! :grinning:


New week, new work!

For my full-time gig, I completed 2 out of 5 remote UX testing sessions on one aspect of stock trading site, and we’ll finish out the remainder this week. I’m designing a new report this week, and looking at a new feature that will help our clients balance the accounts that they manage for families. I’ll also be setting up our next remote UX test, which will test a different aspect of the trading portion of our site.

I’m also dipping my toes into the freelance world, and getting into UpWork and Fiverr. I’m completely new to this, so it should be interesting.

Finally, I’ll be working on my wife’s website this week. She’s a freelance Archivist, and needs a good setup to attract new business. It should be a fun little side project!



This week I’m working on:

  • wire-framing a new admin dashboard for Discourse
  • putting the finishing touches on a keynote that I’m delivering in a couple of weeks
  • organising some ATUs


Finished my UI/UX project for an E-commerce App… This week working on UAT (Beta testing) on the App build.


preparing for next interview and side by side, working on UI of a website.