What are you working on this week?


It’s a bit quiet around here – where are you all? :wink:

What’s everyone working on at the moment?

I’m flat out recovering from a short week last week (Luke and I were at UXNZ). I’m working on rustling up some more Ask the UXperts sessions here, and starting a new research project for another job, which is exciting.

What’s on your plate?


Sarah, How was UXNZ… what were mostly discussed.

We were having a design thinking workshop this entire week. and part of a project was to go out on the street and do some random user research interviews. It was fun, but an eye opener. Although we depend so much on user research for design validations, we never consider validating our assumptions in daily life can also make a huge difference.


My plate has an assortment of:

  • Day job

  • Volunteer work related to day job- I lead an employee level network promoting ability of all kinds in the workplace

  • Post grad studies in Psychology started this week

  • Coaching- at work both me and my coachee

  • Mentoring - outside of work

  • Reverse mentoring - at work

  • Freelance writing - polishing up a new blog post

  • UX Agony Aunt- waiting on feedback and reviewing the newest submissions

Sometimes I get to sleep as well :sleeping:

hahah it’s just one of those weeks for me :grinning:


The most amazingest pink conference booth with ferns and fake grass :grinning::sparkling_heart:


It was awesome. The theme was ‘Tomorrow. Today’ which was quite broad in scope. I was inspired by Phil Balagtas’ talk on Speculative Design and Jenn Downs’ one on automation.

Woah, that’s exciting!