What are you scared of?


Ok, our icebreaker topic for this week is “what are you scared of?” Got any phobias?

I have a couple of weird ones. I’m scared of sea creatures (e.g. sea slugs, octopus) and caterpillars!


Okay, it’s weird but I am scared of anything that is furry and moving.


Slugs (garden slugs), cotton wool balls and swimming in the ocean. Also whenever I see a horror movie or even a trailer for one, it stays with me for months at a time and gives me nightmares.


Noisy machinery like power tools. I always think they’ll explode in my face or something.

Having said that, I just sanded my bedroom floor at the weekend. The handle fell off the drum sander and it ran right across the room and hit the wall before shutting down.


I am scared of falling Into a pit of shit with maggots in them :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: