What are you passionate about?

I was musing the other day about the fact that the job we choose and our primary hobby or passion are the things that make us the most unique among people we’re close to. i.e. I am very similar to my family in most ways, but those two things make me stand apart.

My passion is the gym. When I’m not behind my screen I teach group fitness.

What is your passion?

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In my family/friend circle, I’m the only one having craze on:

  • Collecting stamps: I am crazy about it since 1995.
  • Discovering and listening long lost music tracks: I spend hours on internet digging music and artist. But most of the tracks will be 60’s~80’s - all genre, all style, worldwide.
  • Doing illustration projects: one of favourite time killing activity and a recent hobby. I started couple of years ago, But I’m so happy with the progress and I was able to done more than 50 personal projects.
  • Writing: now a days I’m got scarred of grammar and all. But before I don’t know and I didn’t cared about it. And I used to write poems. (I should read creative confidence again)
  • Writing letters: As a part of writing I used to send letter to lot of facebook friends with whom I exchange stamps. For last couple of year I’m not able to write and lost touch with quiet lot of people. But I like to write again.
  • Card boarding: I love making things out of card board.

This sound interesting! What kind of things?


I have a huge stamp collection left to me by my grandfather. A while back I started to upload some images of his collection in my free time, but never really found any great place to share them online. Maybe you’ll enjoy them? This is maybe 1/8th of his collection.

View post on imgur.com

Wow nice collection! Feeling envy! Hehehe
So far I collected stamps from more than 300 countries/dependencies/provinces. Also bird themed mint stamps. Now it’s hard to find people to exchange stamps. Before I used to do it through Facebook. But later relocated to a different place I am not able to continue. As I said I’m crazy so I always carry my best albums with me wherever I go. why I love stamps because it was my first personal Wikipedia in different aspect like art, geography, culture, etc.

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That’s really cool! It used to be such a popular hobby, but it’s so hard to find anyone that appreciates them anymore. The size of your collection sounds immense. It must be a sight to see.

I’m not really sure what’s going to become of my grandpa’s collection. There’s obviously a lot of good in there, but we don’t really cherish it like some collectors would. I’d have no idea how to go about getting it appraised, either. Any thoughts?

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If you are not interested in collecting, you can sell it to a dealer (price depends on the face value and condition of the stamps). But some people especially collectors they don’t like selling their collection instead the give it for adoption.

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Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

As for my own passions, I really enjoy working out, writing, and working on nerdy little side projects. I

I spend an hour or so working out every day. My journey with fitness and weight loss has been a long one. In the past few years I dropped from 240 lbs to 165 lbs (108 kg - 74 kg for our metric friends) without stepping foot in the gym. I take some medication for generalized anxiety and high blood pressure that helped a ton with the weight loss, but when I made some changes to those medications I rose steadily back up to about 210 lbs, despite working out four or five times a week. I’ve managed to fix some of the diet and appetite issues that caused the gain, and I’m back down to 201 lbs. I have a trip to Hawaii coming up in May of next year, and I’m hoping I can be back at 165 by the time we head back that direction.

In the writing world, I’m currently working on two different non-fiction projects. One is a book about some of the less-prominent types of UX specialties out there, and the considerations that they might require. The other is a slightly-less-than-complete history of sports in Denver. Both projects are still in the research stage, but they’re fun to work through. I’m excited to get writing on them soon!

My latest nerdy little side project is working on a Raspberry Pi magic mirror. The Pi is programmed, now I just need the frame and 1-way mirror. I also need a place to hang it, but that’s another story entirely. It may end up just hanging in my cube, and I’d be okay with that.


Epic. Congratulations.

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The book about less-prominent types of UX specialties sounds interesting. Do post in the forums if you are looking for some early reader feedback :slight_smile: #bookworm

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I would not call it passion/hobby but when I am not doing my ‘job’, I am usually meditating or reading some spiritual scriptures :relaxed:


I’m planning on using this forum for gathering feedback and information as I go along! It should be interesting to see how things go.

That’s really awesome. I’m always struck that those who meditate most often seem to be the most calm people I meet. When I can, I love to meditate as well-- but it’s hard for me to find the time. Any suggestions on how to carve out a good block to focus on meditation during your day?

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I prefer to do it the morning, I usually wake up, make a cup of green tea, walk around and then do exercise like yoga and then sit for meditation. It is better to do it on an empty stomach as we won’t feel sleepy :smiley: And always do at least some stretching exercises before meditating. It will reduce the restlessness and fidgeting. Hope these beginner tips helps!
Of course the best approach would be learning to meditate from a proper teacher :slight_smile:

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I love martial arts