What are you excited about or proud of this week?

Ok team, what’s going on in your lives? Who has something exciting to share?

Doesn’t have to be UX related.

We’re building a new ensuite and the plumbing gets finished tomorrow. I’m super excited. Also just booked a trip to work in Melbourne for a week in the new year.

What are you proud of or excited about?


Yay!! :slight_smile:

I’m scoping a very cool new project that I am very excited to be part of (can’t say more than that). I’m meeting a new potential client tomorrow - even if it doesn’t work out I still make a new friend. AND I’m so excited to do a bit more work on my UXmas submission. What started out as a short story has evolved into something else entirely but it’s something I’ve never done before and I love the process of it!!


I have quit my software engineer job and taking a break to move into a UX role full time. Excited, scared, happy and confused all at the same time :smiley:


Mine is completely unrelated to UX, we have finally finished decorating our nursery ready for our new arrival due in only 7 weeks! :baby: The last few bits of furniture are coming this week!


I’ve got a Round 2 interview screener call today for a UX researcher position.
I felt like I didn’t perform as well as I should have on Round 1, so I’m really focused on improving for this one.


I’m so glad I started this topic – you guys have some cool stuff going on!

:heart: this

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Congratulations!! :grinning:

I did something similar recently - I left my role as a UX Consultant at a big professional services firm to go work for myself! When I tell people, the first thing they say is ‘congratulations’ and it always makes me feel less anxious! Can totally related to the excited/scared/happy mix!!


Congratulations!!! :tada:

Hey, they called you back- they must have liked something! You’ve got this :smiley:

Oh that’s so exciting @jacquidow!! :grinning:

Starting to feel a bit real now! :open_mouth:


It’s your first? I don’t have any kids yet so I wouldn’t know but I’ve seen some cool stuff on your instagram feed! And that Westie of yours is still incredibly cute! I read somewhere that they’re good for allergy sufferers? Thinking about getting one one day when we buy a house.

Yay for babies!

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Yes it’s our first.

Thanks, I’ve had the nursery planned in my head for years! So nice to see it coming together, and my mum had saved some of my old stuff and stuff from my sisters so we have their nursery furniture which is lovely to be able to use.

We aren’t sure how Leo is going to handle a baby round the house, but he will always be our first child! He’s so good around kids which is a relief :slight_smile:

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When I had my twins our cats’ behaviour was unbelievable! They were so needy. It was actually pretty cute.


Leo can be quite needy as it is! He’s very much been our baby for the past 5 years and he’s been spoiled rotten! Luckily he has his independent moments too.

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Hey everyone, nice to hear everything thats going on with your lives. As for me , yesterday I received my certificate on UX design: from wireframe to prototype from University of Michigan. And on a non UX note, today I moved into my own house in a new city. Best part the old owner was so so kind enough to clean everything perfectly. I am so happy and lucky.


Good on you – that’s awesome. And welcome on board. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I shared a dashboard (based on intercept survey data) for continuous improvement of a major service - the library search engine.

The qualitative data isn’t shown, but the quantitative data is Likert scales from 1 to 7. These insights report to stakeholders how we’re tracking overall, and for 6 key tasks.


Just finished my first side project and so happy to ship it after weeks of work! It’s a website that links to loads of useful resources for UI/UX design. I really hope the community find it useful. https://www.designerlynx.co/

Had some good feedback and got a mailing list of 67 real people so far, lol. Learned a lot building it.