What are the procedures to start a UX UI Design school in India?



I’m a UX UI Designer with 10 years of experience and i want to start a school for students. Please guide me about the procedures.


Hello there @claits, welcome to the community!

I don’t really know how to start a school. Did you test your idea to start a school already? Are there any people who would like to go there or would you like to do it online? In what language would you like to do this?

My advice is to start by creating a website were you pitch your idea to get people interested. As a follow up I would suggest to start a free online course to build a little community. From there on, if it works, I would go on and find what kind of school you would like to start, online or a regular place where people can go to.

My big questions, can you teach people something they can’t find information about online?


Yes Sander,

I’m trying to start a school for teaching the UX/UI process, Techniques and tools also project experience as well. Is there any certifications are required?


The first thing I found when I Googled on ‘How to start a school in India’ was this list. I think it’s pretty complete and not too outdated.


Is that the information you were looking for?


I’m looking for start a UX design school like the below one.



Register a company and you’re ready to go I guess. Create your own certificates is no problem, the value of such a certificate depends on the brand you’ve built.


Thank you so much


Pretty sound ideas. I would also look to set up a UX meet-up to build a real-world network of interested people.


Nice! Just do it, like they say at Nike. Where do you live and isn’t there already something around there? Do you already have some ideas how to organize the meet-up? I’m very curious.


@claits, if you want to DM me I might be able to offer more help. I have helped start UX schools in Malaysia and Korea.


Yes please.