What are the exact responsibilities of a visual designer?


Hi everyone,
I’m new to designing and had recently applied at a company for an entry level UX profile. However, since they did not have an opening for one, they offered me a Visual Designer role instead. The company is great and I’m more than happy to go for it.

Now, what I’m confused about is where the boundary lies between a visual designer, a UI designer and a UX designer.
Personally, my end goal is to be a full stack designer - UI, UX, Interaction, everything (with less emphasis on UI/static designs). I love working with interactive/motion design and also love coding.
On searching through the web, I came across articles that said that visual designers are just graphic designers who work on digital media.

  1. Does that mean visual designers are only concerned with static designs?
  2. Does this role require good drawing skills?
  3. Is motion graphics and animation an important part of this role?
  4. What would a typical day in the life of a visual designer be like?
  5. As this is my first job, how hard would it be to later transition into a UX and Interaction design job? I studied computer and don’t have a design degree. Should I go for the visual design job or look for another entry level UX opening?



I would take the job if you like the company and people.

Visual Design duties vary depending on the company. In general, expect to do visuals for UI, red lining, working in Sketch and Zeplin, deciding on imagery for screens, deciding on typography and color palettes, things like that.

Personally, a “full stack designer” is a UX Designer. People are making up BS terms. Visual Designers usually work on static screens, but you can grow into other roles.