What are the different specializations of UX design?

Hi All. I was wondering if I can get some information on UX design career. I am a self-thought designer who started from a graphic design background and gradually shifted way towards UI/UX design due to our companies needs. Now, it has been more than two years that I have been doing mainly UI/UX work, and I’m learning more with each project.
However, I’m thinking about learning UX more deeply/fundamentally. So, before diving in, I wanted to gain some more information about the field.

  1. I’m curious to know what different areas/specializations in the UX design field are?
  2. Do you need to have knowledge and skills in all areas of UX as a designer or can you specialize in just one area? If so, are there any areas that are more in demand?
    ( I am interested to know the answer to this question because my work focuses more on prototyping, wireframing, and UI design while I have minimal experience in researching, testing, card sorting, etc., due to our companies circumstances. So, I am trying to understand if I should work more on areas that I am lacking such as researching or focus on strengthening my current skills. )
  3. Lastly, What are the primary knowledge and skill requirements for a UX designer?

I would appreciate your advice on this matter.

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Hey there, :slight_smile:

  1. You can get incredibly granular/specialised but the main ones are research and design. This overview of the UX process might give you some more insight.
  2. It’s definitely helpful to have insight into all areas before specialising, mostly because it makes you more marketable. That said, if you fall into your dream job and hone some very niche skills then I’d say go for it.
  3. I don’t understand what you’re asking here but you’re on the right track. You have some solid experience behind you. I’d look at some online courses focusing on the entire UX process (look at David Travis’ UX fundamentals) to give you an overview and then focus more specifically on research if it interests you.
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This was very helpful. Thank you so much @HAWK.

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