What are the correct color codes used to show "Desktop", "Mobile", "Tablet", "Others" on a Doughnut Chart



Hi Everyone,
I need to show some meaningful color codes on the Dashboard Doughnut chart which has labels as “Desktop”, “Mobile”, “Tablet”, “Others”.
The Dashboard already has some tiles showing teal, red, black and blue colors as well.

Any suggestions?



I’m not really sure what you mean. Have you got an image of it you can share?


Hey Roland, great to hear from you.

I’ve just had a quick chat with Luke and we’re not aware of any precedents around meaningful colours specific to device type. Unless there are specific usability issues that you haven’t mentioned, I think this is probably a creative decision.

Does your question relate to readability/contrast/something similar?


Hi Hawk, no it doesn’t relate to any readability/contrast etc. Was thinking in terms of usability standards. Anyway, I think I should keep some colors here that look cool :slight_smile:



Spot on :slight_smile: