What are the best design tools for wireframing and diagramming?



Obviously there are more tools than ever in the design industry, which makes us easily overwhelmed especially when making a choice. So, I’m just wondering what should be the best solution for wireframing/diagramming purpose, with shallow learning curve and rich features. Any thoughts or answers are highly appreciated! Thank you in advance;).


For me, Balsamiq is my “go to” for speed. You can get a pretty robust wireframe going very easily. It’s a great option for my work environment. Once I get the basic idea across and the design validated, I go to Axure to make something a little more robust. But that’s just what works for me currently. I’m sure that others here walk a different path with just as much success. Good luck!


I am also a Balsamiq user, to communicate the ideas / discussion. Axure comes in for creating something interactive to test with people.

For diagramming, I love OmniGraffle. :heart_eyes:


Here are some:
Balsamiq for Rapid Prototyping, Axure for complex prototype structures, Sketch & InDesign with Craft Addon, Principle for Animations

But still I think we shouldn´t be too fixed to specific tools … Sketching is still the fastest & most flexible way of bringing Ideas/ Storys to life :seedling:

Diagramming … I don´t know exactly what you are referring to … but I am curious what kind of tools you use guys :slight_smile:


There are a lot of tools for reference. Here is a list of the wireframing design tools.

Mockplus, Axure, Sketch all are very good tools for wireframing.


It has not been mentionned and I don’t really know if it is well known or not but I always use Pencil for my static design, it is super easy (unlike some wonderful tool I considered as too complicated for simple interface), free and the community make some plugin to keep design up to date (small community so not so many plugins but still enough for me)
But plugin are really mandatories, without them, the basic objects are ugly :disappointed:


That’s cool! I work at a startup that tries not to spend too much moeny. It’s a great solution. Thanks!


Thanks for that Nathan, hadn’t heard of Pencil before! Looks nice!