What are the assumptions in car pooling problem?


Commute has always been a problem in big cities including Bangalore. One of the solutions to solve this problem is car pooling. It’s a well-known but not a successful solution.
What will be your take on the car pooling problem? Can design and technology help make car pooling a more desirable and viable option for commuters?


Hey all @HAWK @Bleke @jacquidow @dopamino @Louise @CoolMike90 Please suggest some assumption for above problem


Hello Shiv. While I do think it’s good to discuss solutions, I think it’s important that you make a serious attempt at solving the problem yourself before asking for help.


I just want to give some assumptions thats it because I want to know about this issues outside from INDIA


hi @shiv17prakash
I fully agree with @Bleke about the main goal of your post.
What you want to achieve asking such question?

  • data
  • ux patterns
  • crystal balls
    As designer/product owner you should start searching on the web and collect articles, screens, charts and whatever matters to your research.
    Here is plenty of people that can help you to validate ideas, to give you suggestions according best practices and/or examples and so on.
    If you post such generic questions you will receive generic answers and I really don’t know where you will find added value to your project/scope.

That’s definitely not my cup of tea, as far as I know, carpooling (at least in Rome) is not helping so much to decrease the traffic jam and the smog pollution.

I can suggest you to starting from this infographic: http://www.governing.com/gov-data/transportation-infrastructure/carpool-commuting-data-metro-area-map.html

Maybe if you extend the research you’ll discover more interesting data.

Good luck with it


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One of the problems with asking such a question here is we are not your users. You really need to be asking the people who are likely to have this problem (commuters in bangalore) and asking them your questions.


Hello Shiv,

I agree with everything that has been said here thus far.

I will tell you that eve though the problem does derive from Bangalore and that’s your main focus, you may be able to case study and apply certain UX concepts and research to other cities that have these very same problems like New York and LA or maybe Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Potentially some good internet research and a well thought out plan on how to get user feedback would most certainly help you!

Good Luck in your research!



The biggest assumption in this case is that all drivers are human.

Self-driving, network-connected cars will change the driving landscape completely. The ability to talk to one another and coordinate speeds/directions/destinations will eliminate much of the traffic congestion. An Uber-type system where most people are picked up and dropped off by self-driving cars, rather than their own personal vehicles, will mean that things like car insurance, parking fees, and finding a parking spot will be worries of the past for most people.


I still don’t have a car which has remote unlocking or bluetooth connection!


shame on you! :slight_smile:


Hi @shiv17prakash

“Can design and technology help make car pooling a more desirable and viable option for commuters?”

The user-centered design process applied to any problem can find an answer, but it depends on how experienced the researchers are your project,and have they done research before?

  1. You need to fall in love with the problem.
  2. You need to define the problem…
    Is the commute the problem?
    Is the traffic the problem?
    Is car pooling the problem?
    Is the pollution the problem?
  3. You need to research steps by step how commuters are solving this problem by studying existing behaviour, before you can test or assume a solution.

I hope that helps you?

Thanks. L


thanks @Louise


Hehe. I don’t even own a car.
Awaiting the driverless revolution with bated breath.
In Germany they don’t even have Uber yet.
So I think I could be waiting a very long time for this.
I might get a car.
And so on :slight_smile: