Went with the One Page theme


Hi all,
I made a post a while back in relation to One Page v.s Multi Page themes - http://community.uxmastery.com/forum/techniques/1437-one-page-theme-vs-multi-page-theme

I eventually settled and have been using this new site for a few months now - http://www.dmg.name/

I would love some feedback if anyone is willing.

One thing I will say upfront is that the performance is pretty average. Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights shows plenty of things that need to be worked on. So perhaps ignore that part of it for now.


Welcome back :),

I’m not sure which things are part of Google’s PageSpeed or not, so I’ll give my feedback and you can ignore the things that are!

  • First off, I have to say, your loading ninja is awesome :D.

  • I really like the cleanness and personality of your site.

  • One thing I find interesting, that I’ve been reading about is the little button you have at the top saying “Lets go”. This is basically helping the user scroll. Do people need this, or are they going to scroll anyway? (although the animation and the top toolbar popping down is nice)

  • Very colourful highlighting for the icons under the who am I section!

  • Purely out of interest, what 5 martial arts are you studying? I’ve never met someone who has learned so many! My partner and I started Shotokan Karate

  • Scrolling over the team photos they seem to be a little buggy, they flicker between the photo and the background info (using chrome).

  • When you get to the bottom, due to alignment of the images, you have 3 small read mores, and then the bigger read more. My thinking would be, with the affordance you give on hovering over the title of each, do you need the read mores (although I realise they are helpful for mobile and tablet etc)? I would expect to click on either the images or the titles to be taken to the posts anyway.

  • I’d like to know more about you on this page. I like the photos, and the quirks like the cups of coffee and mugs of beer, but we don’t really have too much text around you and what you do. Even if this is covered in your blog it would still be great to see it on here.


Hey Natalie,
Thanks a million for taking the time to look over the site. I really appreciate the feedback. Some responses:

  • Loading ninja - :wink:

  • Cleanness and personality - Thanks!

  • Let’s Go! - I did think about this myself. I can direct it to anywhere in the site so while I use it to just scroll down to the first section it does seem a bit naff. I have visited sites recently that scroll left and right instead of up and down so thought I might leave it there so when a user clicks on it they can see straight away the direction of scroll. Also, when first landing on the page the header menu is not displayed. While many users know they need to scroll to get the menu to display, the Let’s Go! button will highlight it for those that don’t (should they choose to click on it of course.

  • Colours - Thanks!

  • Martial arts - Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing/Muay Thai. Helps keep me fit, and is one hell of a stress releif! :slight_smile:

  • Team photos - Interesting. I use Chrome and haven’t had a problem. I first noticed a flicker until I realised that the theme actually wanted both the black & white picture and the colour picture. Once I uploaded both the problem was solved for me. Could you tell me what version of Chrome you’re using?

  • Read more - Good point. On the various theme demo’s the pictures are all the same size and therefore align nicely. The Read More at the very botton takes the user to the main blog page, while the others take you to that particular blog post. I think I might remove the individual blog post ones as like you said… most user will know to click on the pictures of the titles to get there. Will need to test that out on mobile and see how it looks.

  • About me - Also a good point. As you can likely tell it’s purely a personal site (not selling anything) and blog. Having more about me will add to that. The trick… coming up with witty things to say about myself! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback, means a great deal.


No problem about the feedback or taking the time. It’s a nice break from what else I’m doing - always happy to help :).

Just checked the flickering again and it is still happening. I’m on a macbook pro, but I user Chrome and the version is [SIZE=12px]41.0.2272.118 (64-bit). It only seems to happen when my curser is constantly moving over it, otherwise it just shows the photo when the curser is stationary on them. I just tried it in firefox and it doesn’t flicker, but sometimes it does show the words with no images, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not sure what is actually supposed to be happening. Is something supposed to happen when the curser moves over the images?[/SIZE]


Very cool. Love the hero image. Sorry about your dog. :frowning:

I don’t have any UX feedback as from an average user’s perspective it works fine!


Thanks to both of you!

The image should be black & white when the mouse is not on it, then colour when the mouse is hovered over it. See the attached pic where I had my mouse hovered over the image of my face. There should be no text on the image, just the social media sharing buttons with the text being under each of the images.

So if yours it not changing to colour then I would say there is some reason it’s not picking up the second image I uploaded. Strange!

Loving it, thanks. Miss that beautiful boy! :frowning: