Welcome to UX Mastery daveyates


Please join me in welcoming our newest member, daveyates.

In one of the most interesting responses to my welcome email ever, Dave informed me that he works at a hot desk in the UK Cyber Security Cluster on top of a 2000ft hill. Now that is an office!

I was also inspired by his response when I asked him what appeals to him about UX, specifically

UX places the user at the centre of their own universe surrounded by things that make their life better, easier and more understandable

Nicely put.

So welcome Dave, I look forward to being further entertained by you around the forums.


Hi Dave, thanks for joining the UX Mastery community! You’ve got a great UX story, and a passion and understanding that I’m sure others will really appreciate - you should add a copy of what you sent Hawk to the UX Stories forum.

Cheers and welcome!


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome Dave, great to have you here!