Welcome to Book Club! Say hi



Hi from Maidenhead, Berkshire just outside London in the UK. Arrived just in time. Looking forward to the book and reading it in this community environment.


@vpezzetti, @sookie61 and @kittie - Welcome to the community and the book club!




Hi everyone! I’m based in Liverpool, UK and looking forward to getting some actual reading done. (I do not do enough).
Good choice on the first book. Norman is THE dude


Hi! I’m excited to go through this book with you all. I know I will learn more from all the insights!


Greetings from Atlanta! So excited to read along with everyone!


Hi all,

I’ve read this before, but it’s been awhile. Looking forward to see what I pick up on this time.


Hello to everyone from Vancouver, Canada! I read this book over a decade ago, and just bought the latest edition, so this book club is perfect timing for me. Looking forward to group’s insights!



Hello, fellow Denverite! high five :raised_hand:


Ok book clubbers, how’s your reading going?


I’ve read the chapter. I’m still formulating my thoughts. I love psychology but design is a whole new way of thinking for me.


Looking forward to this. My book is arriving today :slight_smile:


@onefluffycloud aka Rebecca (I love your username) - Fantastic! Howdy.


Hi Everyone, I’m little late to start the book but yes, I’m in :slight_smile:

Happy reading…



Hi everyone my name’s Leanne. I was wondering if I can join the book club late? I’ve only just spotted the email about this it looks exciting. I’m currently studying UX with CareerFoundry online so I’m quite new to the industry and wishing to immerse myself and meet new people :).


Welcome. We’re glad to have you.


@leannemdobson - You are absolutely welcome. Jump in any time. In fact, we’re taking a one week break before we head into chapter 3. Feel free to jump into the other threads with your thoughts if you’d like. If not, we’ll see you in chapter 3. :smiley:


Hi everyone! I’m Ana and I’m a UX Expert. I’m so glad I found this book clube :slight_smile:. I have so many good books to read that my major challenge is to be focused, so I’m hoping that this group will help me on that. Thank you :blush:


Welcome aboard!


Hey Everyone, I am excited to get started here. I am a little confused on where things go from here however. Can anyone let me know what my next step is? Thank you in advance. :smile: