Welcome to Book Club! Say hi



Awesome! And welcome. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t call myself a designer. But I have an interest in design, am thinking of a career change and have this book in my Safari queue. So I hope no one minds the opinion of a n00b.

I think it will be very interesting to read everyone’s opinions.


What a great idea, looking forward to rereading the book.


@talkinghead - I think that us noobs bring a fresh outlook and they need us. :grinning:


Hi All, Nalin from Sri Lanka joining in. Looking forward for the discussion :slight_smile:.


Everyone adds value! Fresh eyes see things that we take for granted.


So stoked to see you all here for this. I had no idea it would take off like this. Thanks for running with it. I’m looking forward to learning with you all.


I ordered my book this week but apparently it won’t be here for another week or two. :thumbsdown: I’ll join in properly once it arrives!


Oh no! Pesky. No probs – shouldn’t be hard to catch up.


Joining from NJ and just started the book


Hello Everyone! I’m Samantha in the East Bay area near San Francisco. I love this book, and look forward to rereading it and seeing everyone’s comments!


Hi Everyone!!! :smiley: Hope you’re all doing well! Super excited to join you and learn from all of you here! Roll on June 5th! :bee:


the only difference are the tittle?


(Yep! Same book but they changed the original title, preface and introduction from the second edition onwards. Has tricked quite a few people!)

Just for fun, here’s a short video from last year of Don Norman talking about why he wrote the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kc57XAE_V4


Hi everyone! Taking part in the book club from Vermont.


Hey everyone, I am Suraj.

This book club is an excellent idea. Excited to see what everyone has to say.


Hi All, Thanks for having me. I m a London based UX researcher, looking forward to discussing concepts with like minded people here. I read this a book a few years ago however, I m delighted to experience it again, in a collaborative way. I m sure I ll gain even more from it for reading it a second time.


Haha true @Piper_wilson. What would they do without us?


Thank you @HAWK, much appreciated!


Great idea!

I´m Victor from Casilda, Argentina, UX teacher at University and enterprises consultant
This will be the third time I start the book
I expect this time to have the necessary constancy (and time) to not leaving it in the middle. The club is a good excuse for this.

About the book I can say that the new edition is fully updated, not only with concepts but with examples too. (replaced the videocassette and the celluloid projector with digital media, as example)

See you (read you, really)