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The Inaugural UX Mastery Book Club – The Details
Book Club – Let's get this show on the road

Hi everyone! Looking forward to sharing this book journey with you all. We’ve got some treats ahead!


Same author, same coffee pot, same analysis… different title!


I’ve started! Wine and a book on the couch. Can’t complain.

p.s. It’s ridiculously hard to take a selfie that includes your face and book but doesn’t see down your top, while sitting down.


Hey everyone!

Taking on this book club from Denver, Colorado and inviting many friends to join.


Awesome! Thanks for all the Twitter love Arleigh.

I should have said that I’m joining you all from Auckland, NZ. Would be cool to hear where everyone else is from.


Howdy. I’m in Austin, TX. I’m already reading and I can’t wait for this party to get started!


Hello All! Super excited about this book club…now I have to find this book in the pile of others I’m trying to read…all at the same time! LOL



I hear ya. I’m having to do some reprioritising.


Hey, I reckon I’ll join in. Could be good motivation.


May join in… would be good to re-read this classic or at least see what you all are talking about. :thumbsup:


Hi Everyone, I’m very new to the field. Just started to learn UX at DesignLab UX Academy. This is one of the first book that I’ve bought (then voted here also to be first to read). I cannot promise to be on track with the readings due to the commitments to the course but I try.


Just do what you can do and enjoy yourself. There won’t be a test. Promise.


Hello! I am August and I am excited to read and discuss with everyone!


Hi - I’m Linda - excited to be part of this inaugural book club


Hey I’m Neil!

Excited to read and learn with you all!


Hi all! Joining in from Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to reading the book and joining the conversation - and hopefully actually keeping on track. :slight_smile:


Awesome to see so many people joining in.


Hi all!

Count me in!

Roll on June the 5th! :slight_smile:


Great timing! I just started this book.
Medicine Hat. Canada.