Welcome new members and go dougcollins!

We’ve seen an influx of new members over the last couple of weeks, which is SO cool.

Welcome to @jaisonjustus @paulpote @ecrire @help @chloe_pellen @che0 @cthangapandian @dmcqs88 @morktron @anish91x @rachelreveley @christopher_koeber @hannah_vartanian @hemalatha_venugopal @rubby_emir @thejonique @liumela @christina_cash (more info) @karthick5393 (more info) @daljeet_kaur and @dwarakbesant

Hope in here and say ‘hi’ if you get a spare minute.

The hands down winner of this week’s best avatar and profile card goes to @dougcollins (more info). Love it!


Welcome everyone! :grinning:

Congrats @dougcollins! And special thanks for the community who make us cool.

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Thank you, @jaisonjustus! I’m happy to be here to help out and learn more (and provide awesome avatar goodness).

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