Web solution for design system


I’m an art director at an agency, working with very big industry clients. In some cases, however not all, our clients are in need of a design system. I love doing them, but at the moment we don’t have a good interactive way of publishing them.

What I’d like to achieve is to create a design system (within Adobe XD) and then upload it’s content to a web site. I know InVision does this (more or less) with Sketch and it’s Design System Manager. But we work in Adobe XD and that will not change.

So do you know of any other service that could work with XD? Preferably in conjunction with Storybook or some other thing so that we can have coded components on the site, instead of images.


Use Zeplin.


if the components will live in storybook, have you considered sitting down with a developer and designing it together in code, inside of storybook? This takes away a step in the process and means the dev implementation is accurate. The billable hours might be less, but the client will see great results!